Board Elections 2021

As every year, there are changes in the Student Council - a new Board of 8 people is elected.?✅On Tuesday, January 12th, at 6 PM, elections of the Student Councils’ Board will take place, in which the new Councils’ Board for 2021 will be elected.
The elections will take place on the Webex platform. Everyone are invited to watch elections online, but only members of the Padome will be able to vote for the candidates

➡️In order to run for one of the positions of the Board, the members of the Student Council must apply electronically for a specific position on the Board by sending an application to until January 10th at 23:59 PM, writing the candidates name and position for which he or she is applying, and enclosing a CV, a letter of motivation and an annual work plan - structured months.

IT IS POSSIBLE TO APPLY for the following positions:
?Vice President
?Head of the Academic department
?Head of the External Communications department
?Head of the International Cooperation department
?Head of the Marketing department
?Head of the Sponsorship department
?Head of the Culture and Sports department

The Student Councils’ regulations, election regulations and department descriptions are available here -…/1MTRdoNP2I4vAVfKthVSLNhgPSlx…
Candidates annual plans, CV’s and motivation letters will be available electronically on Monday, January 11th.

? If you have any questions, feel free to write to!