St. Valentine's Day event

Student Council invites everyone to spend the evening together in the mood of St. Valentine's Day! ?
On February 11th at 6PM, everyone is invited to connect to the “Cisco Webex” platform. (Link to the event - )
Before that, “Cisco Webex” platform must be downloaded to your device. (You can do this here -

➡️The event will be unveiled with an interactive “Zini or Mini” game, taking place on the platform "Kahoot". The game will ask a variety of interesting questions about St. Valentine's Day. Later, everyone will be divided into groups of three to answer interesting questions about different topics.

➡️Participants have the opportunity to send in the most interesting stories of their dating or other experiences related to St. Valentine's Day. Stories must be sent to our Instagram account - Or using Google Forms - . They will be kept anonymous, but finally each will have the chance to imagine what the end of the story might be. Only then will the true outcome of the story be revealed.

The language of the event is Latvian.