Student Council invites to Padome elections

Student ❗️

Application for the Padome elections has started❗️

So, what is Padome❓

◾The highest decision-making body of BAT SP consists of elected representatives of students. Padome decides on the functioning of the BAT SP organisation and changes/developments in the internal environment (changes in the by-law, organisation structure, approval of financial statements, etc.) The most important task of Padome is to elect board and student representatives to the BAT decision-making bodies, which are the basis for the organisation’s activities and for the successful representation of the interests of BAT students.

What is Board❓

◾The Executive power of BAT SP, responsible for the successful organisation of the work of the organisation and its individual parts, as well as for the successful execution and implementation of Padome decisions and assigned tasks.

Applying for padome elections is really simple !

  1. You have to be a BAT student!
  2. And complete this questionnaire -

The application questionnaire must be completed till 17th of February 11:59PM.

You will be able to vote for the candidates later, using BATIS system!

Get acquainted with the Padome election regulations here -

We look forward to your applications ?