Swim in the session

The most anticipated event of the year of the students, which takes place every year at Livu Aquapark. This event gives opportunity for students of Turiba University and their friends to relax together before the stressful spring session to gather the strength and energy for a successful end of the school year. Until now, Livu Aquapark has been converted into a cruise ship, the Baywatch movie, Poseidon’ s party and more.

Get involved

An integration seminar for the new Turiba University students, which can be characterized by three words – educational, cohesive and inspiring. Every year at the end of the summer, 50 first year Turiba students are gathered and are given the opportunity to take their first steps in their students’ lives before starting their studies. Seminar gives also an opportunity to get to know your course mates, get knowledge about university and have a fantastic time.

Christmas Ball

Gorgeous costumes, dancing all night long and a variety of activities in the mood of Christmas. The final and most beautiful event of the year, which brings together over 300 BAT students and their friends every year. Turība students’ Christmas ball is organized both in Turiba University and in places such as Latvian Society House, K.K.Fon Stricka villa, etc.


One of the greatest Indian culture festivals, or a light festival. These days people in India decorate houses and fences, shops, offices with light, candles and lamps, all wear special holiday cloths, make holiday meals and special sweets. We, too, are beaming light in the Turiba conference hall and everyone is invited to get to know Indian culture by enjoying both its dishes and dances and songs.

Turība University Student Council’s Honorary Award

At the annual Honorary Award we recognize outstanding individuals who have devoted their time and effort towards the develpment of Turība University Student Council. Members of the organisation are honored in 11 nominations such as: Member of the Year, Personal growth of the Year, Board member of the Year and others.

Study Paper seminar

In order to qualitatively prepare both freshman and older students, BAT SP is organizing an informative seminar on what needs to be known and followed when making and presenting study paper.

Game Night

Event where students can take a break from studies and play board or video games. 


It is initiation for new students of Turiba University, forcing them to overcome various tasks and obstacles by becoming full-fledged BAT students. Fuksi is the only opportunity for Turiba student to swim in the fountain during her study years!

Volleyball Night Tournament and Streetball Tournament

Tournaments with a competitive spirit between teams from different universities. Tournaments provide not only the ability to test their abilities in the field of sports, but also to get useful prizes. Volleyball night among students has become popular with its night and sporting atmosphere within two nights, but basketball, as everyone knows, is favorite sport of Turiba University.

BAT SP House

Motivating and cohesive two-day seminar for BAT SP members. Lectures from experienced lecturers and BAT SP Honorary members. Activities that make you get to know each other closer and that help you to better understand not only yourself but also the essence of the team.

Latvia Event

In the month of the Latvian National Birthday, an event was organized that allows to learn and enjoy Latvian culture, national dishes and various performances. Both Latvians and foreign students are invited to take part in various activities and dance with Latvian dancers throughout the evening.

Ticot, mīlot, gaidot…

For 11 years in a row Turība University Student Council’s activists gather together to visit and better the day of children at Children’s with special needs organisation “Māriņa” at Auce, Latvija. We provide practical and emotional support to children by engaging into different interactive activities and spending meaningful time with them around Easter time and Christmas.


A tradition that has found it’s way to students hearts is visiting animal shelter Ulubele each year to help out the shelter with donations, doing voluntary work, cleaning up the surroundings and spending meaningful time with animals.

Gastronomy month

Within one month, four countries in the Turiba Open corner fill with their national food scent and each passing student has the opportunity to taste some of the dishes prepared by foreign students. If performances from one of the cultures are also presented in bliss.