Event for Erasmus and international students “Fukši international”

It’s time to properly initiate Erasmus and full-time international students to officially appoint them as Turiba students. This is the first time that an event of this kind has been held for international students at Turiba.  ?

?️ The initiation will take place on the territory of Turiba University. Erasmus+ and full-time international students of Turiba are kindly invited to gather at the entrance of Building C on 29 September at 18:00!  ?

?? The dress code for the event – “Black Tie” A more fancy outfit, where the main thing for students is to be festively beautiful.

Please note that the event will be photographed and the material may be published.

If you have any questions contact the event organizer: 

Turiba University Student Councils
Head of the International Cooperation department
Lukrēcija Plaude