Erasmus Seminar – Throwback to 3/6/9

Student ?

Erasmus Seminar will take place On September 22nd 7:00PM at Turiba conference hall (KZ1)

?The seminar will provide an opportunity to hear the experiences of many different people who have been participating in the Erasmus program.

?It will be a very good insight into the opportunities offered by this program, as well as a great chance to get answers questions that may arise when applying for Erasmus program.

? Get answers to questions that may arise when applying for the Erasmus program, etc.

?- There will also be an opportunity to win various gifts for participating in the seminar.

?The seminar will be held in English.
?Please be informed that the event will be photographed and the obtained materials can be published.

?It will be able to join online the seminar: