“Cultural Exchange Event” – March 23

It is difficult for Latvian students to get acquainted and make friends with foreign students on a daily basis, especially with Erasmus students. ?

Therefore, the Student Council on March 23 at 18:00 invites you to join the Cultural Exchange Event so that students can get to know each other. The event will take place at the C321 auditorium. 

 ?During the event, foreign students will present previously prepared presentations about their country and its culture. Students will also prepare traditional desserts or snacks from their country for the event participants to enjoy.  

?The presentations will include information about the country's population, the most interesting and important events of its history, the daily rules that must be followed when traveling to this country, as well as the unique holiday traditions. 

?The members of the International Cooperation Department of the Student Council will present the same information, but about Latvia

Event will be in English.