Celebration Adventure

Hey Student ❗

The weather has begun to please us all and cannot be blown away. The student council invites you on May 12th at 6:00PM to join the platform "Discord" to discuss all the information together to spend the evening in an unusual way. In cooperation with "Roadgames" we will spend the evening in the fresh air.?️
The “Discord” platform must first be downloaded to your mobile device. You can do it HERE - https://discord.com/
As well as the “Roadgames” application on a mobile device. You can do it HERE - https://www.roadgames.com/en/how-to-play
The event will start on the "Discord" platform, where participants will be explained everything about and around the event. After the start of the event, the game codes will be sent, which you will enter in the “Roadgames” application to start the game. 
This orienteering event will take place in Torņkalns for around two hours. Find a pair for the event, because the event must be in teams of two.?
There is also a small task. Each team must choose one of the known holidays, such as Christmas, Ligo, etc. And dress up in the style of this holiday. ??You can apply for the event till May 09.05 11:59PM by filling in the form HERE - https://ej.uz/Celebration_adventure_To var izdarīt līdz 09.05 23:59

Remember ❗ The number of participants is limited ❗
The event will take place in both Latvian and English.