BAT SP is organizing an ERASMUS+ excursion to Jelgava!

ERASMUS + students in Latvia would be happy to learn more about Latvia and it’s beautiful cities. Therefore, the Student Council invites you to join the ERASMUS + students' excursion to Jelgava all day long on April 9! Meeting at the C entrance at 9:00. ?

? During the tour we will see Pasta Island, an art museum, climb the lookout tower, as well as visit many other places in Jelgava. Don't forget to take extra money for food and possible entrance tickets.

? There are several restaurants in Jelgava, so don’t worry about lunch.


If you have any questions, please contact the Head of the International Cooperation department Lukrēcija Plaude at +371 22169178 or send an e-mail to

See you ❗