BAT SP Open door days!

???? ????Student! This is the right time to come to Student Council without any excuse! 

At the beginning of the new academic year, the Students' Council also welcomes new members to get to know our everyday life and share ideas so we can grow and develop together.???️ 

??️Open Door Days is a great way to get to know the activities of the Student Council, meet other active students and have fun!?

 ?From 10. - 13. October, every day from 12PM to 1PM (on the second floor of building C, in the Student Council office (C222) and Open corner) you will have chance to get involved in activities, know about upcoming events, play games, enjoy delicacies, take photos, participate in cognitive competitions with opportunities to win prizes and have fun with friends

Don't miss it! And take your friends with you!??????