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Student Council


The main value of BAT SP is its members. Our members are given the opportunity to get involved in any project developed by BAT SP or to take over the management of the project itself.


The highest decision-making body of BAT SP, which consists of elected representatives of students.


BAT SP is the main executive authority and is responsible for the successful work of the organization and its separate parts.


Academic department
We represent students’ academic and social interests.
Culture and Sports department
We organize various cultural and sports events for Turiba University students.
International communications department
The part that takes care of our international students to make their daily life here more colorful and interesting.
Marketing Department
We are responsible for the information! The most important thing for us is that the students are informed about the upcoming events and news of the university.
External communications department
The external communication is the one that works outside the frames – not only at the Turiba University, but also outside it!
Sponsorship department
We are the only part that attracts resources.

Enterteiment events

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Izklaides pasākumi
Educational events
Improvements in the study environment and learning process

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